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About Us

Our Story

We are bunch of designers passionate about creating Authentic Leather Goods. We started as small boutique store in 2016 and we are now proud to serve a family of 40000 Happy Customers across Asia Pacific !! Sounds like a fairy tale story, but there is lot of sweat and blood involved in this story !. Though we have stopped bleeding ( Just recently ! ), but we have made friends with Sweat !!

Why and how we started Oxhide ? We were bunch(Hope we can call Three as bunch ! ) of professionals going about their daily jobs. But two things were common among us- none of us had any entreprenueral experience and all of us had an innate desire to start something of our own. All we had was some design experience and some savings, all of which was dumped into Oxhide. It was big risk ( stupidity ! ) and no sane person should do it !!

Newbie Designers. We had the designs and cash too ! Lets develop the designs !! Good manufacturers were not keen on our orders( It was puzzling, we were giving them money lor !). Well world is not short of good people ! A few good and established ones accepted our orders, even guided us in the process. ..But, we were just pain in ass..questioning every single aspect ! Over enthusiastic, over apprehensive and over and over ! We drove them nuts..we were already ! Now we understand why others were reluctant or quoting exorbitant prices to keep us at Bay ! We travelled the world visiting every factory making leathers bags in the world !

Oxhide Store and Sale Events : Initial Plan was to sell only online ! Only one order per week ? What to do rest of the six days ? We still have some cash, Lets open the store ! Store opened ! Not enough sales lah.. ? Increase sale avenues ! We spoke to department stores, they agreed and gave us a chance! People liked our products ..Yay ! Wish , Idea of doing sale events had struck earlier than opening our store !

NMS Syndrome : When you sell a lot, don’t manage your cashflows properly, burn money on unnecessary things, you suffer from NMS - No Money for Suppliers. These products are selling like hot cakes…we need to develop fresh stock ! No money, so what ? What the banks are for ? Get a loan..they anyway call us 5 times a day with loan offers ! Bank's money is not for small businesses ! They need to see money in your account to give you more money..! Never mind, lesson learnt.. You should manage your cashflows, you can not afford to fly around the world. One time, two times okay, three times can not ! Two times also can not ! Dangerous la...[ You need to hook up to Tik-Tok to understand this ! ]

No more Travel : We started managing our cash flows better, NMS syndrome started to disappear, came the Travel Ban, brought to us by COVID ! Store and all the sale events came to an abrupt halt ! Also came to halt the endless grind. It was sudden shock, survival was at stake. Something good also happened with COVID, we had lot of time and spare energy(thats always bubbling in us!). We put both of these into our Ecommerce segment. We always had our online platforms working but never enough time to resolve the pressing issues. Our time and efforts paid off and Oxhide started to roll again..Online this time !

Thanks ! For reading about us, we are here to stay, do our best and bring you The Best !

100% Authentic Leather

We only use real leather in all our products. Real leather is always durable and long lasting. It becomes better with usage. And if you are the one who bother to care and do bit of polishing, you can literally use it perpetually

Designed with passion

Lot of emphasis is lain on the design part of the product, along with meeting the look and feel requirement, we ensure that product addresses the need of our customers.

Sown with Love

Good quality stitching is soul of our products. We use best quality threads and ensure that no stone is left unturned in getting the stitching the right. This happens to be most difficult aspect of our product making as it varies a lot with skill of craftsmen and lot quality management need to be done

Exemplary After Sale Service

We are always there for you, before sale or after sale. Rules are made to help people, we always go beyond the set rules to help our customers.

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