An ill-fitted belt that is either too loose or too tight is not something anybody wants. Apart from being inconvenient it’s a fashion disaster, can lead to unwanted mishaps or a bummer on a date.

Men might be more keen on a belt that opens( Imagine a jammed buckle!) and closes swiftly ! But for you to get to that stage, you need to impress your date with a belt that fits nicely to your trousers. Leaving the 'date' matters apart for a while, what we men care about is comfort and objective is to get one that fits the purspose.
Do it right while making the purchase - Before selecting the size, make sure you measure your waist properly. we would not recommend using size of your trousers as reference to make a selection of your belt. But you made a mistake...after all, its human to err. Fret not! we will now come to the point and let you guys know how to fix this mistake. Lets go through the various types of belts and how to adjust them. (ratchet, reversible, screw belt)

Belt broadly fall into below three categories

A Ratchet Belt or Automatic Buckle or Track Belt 

This type of belt does not have holes but a track ( on teeth) on its back where buckle slides. Distance between teeths is 5mm, that means you can adjust your belt every 5mm and that is pretty convenient. Such type of belt is highly recommended for people who have bloating issue and size of their waist changes during the course of day. Wearing this belt provides them convenience of ajusting it on the fly.

To shorten such a belt :

Tools needed - A small screwdriver with a flat tip , A sharp scissor